"Founder & CEO of HawksCode, Sunil is a serious young and ambitious hard worker with his professional Team. He is an excellent expert in JAVA and in IT solutions. I sincerly recommand Sunil to anyone looking for a good job to be done."

Prof Azouz Bachouche
President/CEO, Tunisia Aero Technologies Industries S.A

"Sunil is a super smart, ambitious, outgoing guy. If you get a chance to work with him, take it. He is a high energy motivator and inspirational. He is gonna go places with his tenacity and drive. Be sure to check him out.

Luis Miguel
CEO, Blue Moon Marketing and Media

"Sunil is one of the most inspirational people I ever worked with! Profound visionary ideas, makes the impossible possible and always in for a laugh during the process!"

Marc Tichelaar ,
CEO, DevTich

"Sunil is one of my best friend on Linkedin and I completely endorse his communication and marketing skill. Sunil is a man of high integrity. His work always inspires me. He is a great team player and his management and leadership style is quite different. He is a true leader."

Lalit Bhojwani ,
Solution Manager Enterprise Credit - CBF, ICICI Bank

""Sunil has strong sourcing skills and would be an asset to any company. He is very dedicated, sincere and hard working. It is a real pleasure knowing and working with him. He is one great guy to work with. He is full of enthusiam. He is totally dedicated and commited towards his work Sunil is like a boat which is going and anybody who wants to cross the river can board the Boat but not without a Ticket of Luv ..."

Ashvin Kr. Sharma,
Founder & CEO, BittingSoft

Hi Sunil Good luck with your business and worklife, I understand that you are currently a Senior Software Engineer. Always keep learning on your journey of life and you will reap the rewards..

Jan Lowe, Managing Director
Australian Aerospace Ltd

"Sunil is extremely dedicated to his clients and works diligently to represent their best interest at all times. Sunil is a great detailed oriented person and very accurate - he truly understands relationships and is an expert of the subject matter."

Bill Spicer ,
Casting Critical Commodity Team Lead, Textron Defense Systems

"An experienced senior engineer with a strong personality and an outstanding leader who is reliable and when looking for business success, I believe that Sunil is the right person."

Hussain A. Rahman (LION)
Country Manager - Bangladesh, Gulf Air

"I would highly recommend Sunil services and advice. He's a thought leader and possess the technical skills and expertise necessary to get the job done."

Tanya Knight,
President and CEO (Education Coach), Tanya Knight International, Inc.

"Sunil services are highly recommended for his quality of service . He has a great ability as a communicator and a negotiator, understanding the constraints and prioritizing the deliverable in a timely fashion. I wish him all the best"

Prasad Dasika,
President and CEO, Apex Technology Innovations Inc.

"From Sunil's group interactions his technical expertise is clearly evident as is his willingness to help others resolve technical issues and to connect with other mutually beneficial industry professionals. One of the good guys on LinkedIn for sure."

Chris Jones ,
General Manager - UK Operations, SAI Global Assurance Services Ltd.

""I met Sunil while I was researching a question on LinkedIn. I could tell he takes both networking and his industry knowledge seriously, so I connected with him immediately. Since then, he has always been open and helpful whenever I've needed help or advice. I highly recommend Sunil as someone you should network with"

Troy D. White
Co-Founder, Cloud Owl Technology & Educational Applications

"" Sunil is a pleasure to work with any one. He has an excellent to feel free for the deal, and maintains his composure in event the most difficult situations.He is both detail and results oriented , and is excellent at closing the deals."

Manoj Mukherjee ,
ERP Manager, elegent

"Sunil is extremely dedicated to his clients, working diligently to represent their best interest at all times - he truly understands relationships. I highly recommend people to do business with Sunil. "

Kenny Hopkins
Consultant, Montague Media, LLC

"Sunil is extremely goal oriented and an achiever, an able communicator skills with effective leadership quality,very flexible and works accurately under difficult work conditions.A self-motivated, quick learner he has a brilliant convincing approach"

Subrata Chattopadhyay,
Assistant Professor-Marketing and Head-Corporate Relations, Future B-School

"This letter is my personal recommendation for Sunil. I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile.I highly recommend Sunil for employment. He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization."

Edward Moalem
SVP Publisher Relations, Double Fusion

"Sunil Sharma is a goal oriented professional who uses his abilities to achieve your target. Sunil takes great pride in all he does and believes in making your companies proud too. Sunil's outstanding communication skills coupled with his effective leadership skills are the foundation of his success in meeting your needs. Sunil is flixible and has the ability to work with accuracy under difficult work conditions with success as the "only" option."


"I would recommend Sunil. I have always known him for being an expertise in Java specially and also other Programming languages. He alone has taken responsibility to make numerous Projects and mangaed everything solely. He is an intelligent and efficient person."

Richa Roy
GET, HCL Technologies IOMC

"Mr.Sunil has always been self motivated and dedicated to any post, very hard worker takes his job very seriously and knows it inside out Reliable, social, strong communication skills and keeps strong relation with his network for the benefit of his post and at a social level."

Servio Giano,
Consultant Online Business, Realimpact

""Sunil is a very creative and enthusiastic professional. He has an ability to pay attention to details as well as to keep his eye on a bigger picture of the requirement as a Team Lead. He is focused, determined and organised with clear communication skills and executed numerous requirement fulfillments with 100% achievement. I wish him all the best in her future."

Erwin A.
Sales Manager, loyalty lab

"There are few professionals I have seen until now who recognize and encourage their team members in the right direction with total honesty. I have seen even fewer for whom success of the team means as much if not more than personal glory. Sunil is all of the above. He embodies the qualities of resilience, honesty and integrity and is a thorough professional"

Shamim mohammed,
Human Resource Professional, EIH Hotels

"Sunil is a strategist and many can agree that this makes him an exceptional leader. He is known to make tough decisions by gauging the risks to reduce or eliminate losses. He does this in such a a meticulous manner that he is still able to uphold good ethical standards and strong beliefs that prove he is a leader with solid integrity attributes. It is my great pleasure to recommend Sunil."

Camille Christiana
Co-Founder, www.eventconnoisseur.com

"Sunil is a great individual and a true professional in his work. I would highly recommend connecting with him as he is a great connection to have."

Scott Moreton,
Contractor Accountant, Wheawill & Sudworth

"Sunil is such a IT proffesional who can do any thing to accomplish the work , he is very sharp and creative.He is an exceptional professional, with unmatched leadership capabilities and positive straight forward thinking."

Farah Aslam
Business Development Manager, The MAZ Solutions

"Sunil is a dedicated professional that is extremely dependable. He always responds to every single request on time or prior to the date originally promised. He is very pleasant to work with and a true asset to any company."

Carol Eilers ,
Project Coordinator | Manager, Excell Communications

"Sunil is a technological leader who delivers comprehensive and creative technology solutions to business projects."

Edward Breslin
Manager, Software Development and Trading, Play To Win Investments

"Sunil Sharma is a consummate professional who demonstrates a necessary knowledge and expertise in the IT profession essential to companies and organizations globally connected. Sunil is someone you can rely upon and trust to get your projects done on time, cost-effectively, and reliably. I would strongly recommend Sunil for anyone looking for a viable and responsible technology provider in business"

Andy Noble ,
Chief Executive Officer, High Tide Holding Group, LLC

"Sunil Sharma has excellent IT knowledge and superior organizational skills enabled him to perfectly achieve the enormous task of a time bound system implementation. Sunil was a perfect match for the ambitious position of IT Director. He is a very calm, respectful and kind person, he is a strong team builder with superior leadership skills. It was always a pleasure to brainstorm and cooperate with him to achieve the challenges of great projects."

Regan Abraham

"He is very good colleague to work with . He devotes his most of the time in developing new techniques to grow business"

Nazish Laeiq ,
Territory Manager-Sales, Tata Communication Limited

"Sunil is a wonderful team player and an incredibly motivated professional. Perhaps most impressively, he speaks his mind and is unfailingly honest and direct. His analysis and communication style always accentuates objectivity and relevance. I wish him gud luck in his career. Regards Neetu"

Neetu Bhatia Adlakha

"“Sunil is a very dedicated person, reliable and professional. A type a person you can really rely on. He is very punctual at each step of the work process and provide an excellent work."

Lalit kumar singh ,
Team Lead-HR, Source One Management Services Pvt Ltd.

"Sunil is a great individual and a true professional in his work. I would highly recommend connecting with him."

Pulkit Agarwal,
Sr. Web Developer, Znetlive pvt. ltd.

"" Sunil is an amazing individual who brought a new and innovative approach to an organization that was already amazing. He brought us to new heights by increasing our social media presence. Sunil's leadership in the IT Consulting and Membership department has increase the associations membership, brought in new chapters, and continues to be a source of excitement for our organization. Sunil was a great boss and mentor. It was a pleasure to work with him. "

Fred McGuffin ,
Owner, FMCG

"I would like to recommend Sunil Sharma to other members of Lnkedin. I am most impressed by the content of his Linkedin profile - and by the depth and scope of the experenence and skills he has developed during his career. I wish him every success in all of his future endeavours."

Andrew W. Cox
Manager, Energy Intelligence & Marketing Research

"Sunil is one of the hardest working, most fellow minded people of I have ever met. He connects people together to network more than anyone else I know. If you enjoy networking in order to receive warm referrals and you like to give warm referrals in return, you must do business with Sunil immediately. Sunil will show you the way!"

Vivek Bajpai ,
Project Manager, eBizneeds

"Sunil is really dedicated and responsible person.I am very happy from his work....:-)"

Sunil Sharma
Web Developer, USA Company

"Sunil as I know is a person who had a detail Technical & Management knowledge & can execute any difficult or any impossible very easily."

Satyaswarup Nath ,
Assistant Manager HR & Operations, Saijyoti Technologies Pvt Ltd

"Sunil has been a proven expert in the field of IT technologly. For a period now,when in need of advisement and direction I have looked for his for his knowledge and professionalism in the area of need. We have had several projects within my organization on a consultant basis that we refered him to our CIO for support and guidance. We absolutley support having him in providing his skill sets to those seeking quality thought process and leadership."

Jeffrey B. Reeves

"He is very hard working and smart person.He believe in getting things done."

Jagdish Teli
TPO & PRO, Malwa Institute of Science and Technology,INDORE,

"Sunil is Hardworking,Personable,Creative Person With High Integrity Who has been keen to work at any level of Situation."

Lalit Gautam